Policy Guidelines & Action

Artificial Intelligence - Distributed Ledger Technology - Data Privacy and Protection

ALN Academy is pleased to be able to share Policy Guidelines and Action points arising from the Brave New Way Roundtable discussions held in May this year at Strathmore University Nairobi, in collaboration with Microsoft.

The focal areas of the discussions were Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technologies and Data Privacy and Protection. We thank all our expert contributors and the student participants from Strathmore University for such erudite thinking and articulation regarding areas of concern, opportunities, possible solutions to identified problems and for highlighting areas requiring further development in respect of the subject matters and their relationship with existing legal and policy frameworks, globally and particularly within African states.

This collaborative effort sought to assist policy makers and related industry actors, to better navigate these vital technological and legal developments as they come into contact with one another, with humanity surrounded by it all.

Our hope is that these Guidelines and Action points are useful contributions to the growing discourse and responses in these fields and we look forward to continued dialogue and action in assisting the development of policy frameworks that are relevant to the technological advancements being made and moreover, that are people centric.

Guidelines document available via this LINK