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The reality for most if not all organisations, is that regardless of the sector they are in, keeping up-to date in our ever changing environment is a serious challenge. The consequences of remaining on the periphery of the information/knowledge age risks condemning us to a life of mediocrity at best, and at worst a slippery slope towards irrelevance. 

Not only do entities have the unenviable task of having to constantly identify what knowledge/information they actually require in order to remain current and high performing, they must also locate who is best placed to deliver the knowledge transfer itself. Entities that are in the business of delivering legal services are no strangers to these conundrums. 


The ALN Academy recognises these challenges and invites those from the public, private and civil society sectors to make contact and explore our brand of building knowledge transfer training solutions, that are specifically designed for your organisation; in other words fit for purpose. 

We provide you with a simple form to initiate your expression of interest, which can then be progressed to a more detailed exchange where we work with you, developing tailor made training solutions, targeting your goal of delivering legal services with a seal of excellence.


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